The Tooth Fairy's Sidekick

He's real!
Unbelievably real!

Don't stop believing
or else!
he'll bite you late at night
with a great deal of zeal.

In the morning you'll discover
open sores from limb to limb.
You might think it’s from a horde
of hungry bed bugs and spiders,
nesting, quietly under the covers,
but it's him - it's definitely him.

Pray you don’t wake to see
The Tooth Fairy's sidekick’s
million-dollar, gleaming smile.
A personality like a sand flea,
evil and vile, a bit of a dick
full of slimy, warm, yellow bile.

The second you close those eyes
with glee he plots your quick demise
and his chompers, (and there are many)
start chomping
and chomping
and chomping!

Guess what?

Say goodbye to your thigh!


Now do you believe?

A silly poem by Tracy Adams
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