Laika's Revenge

For nearly sixty years Laika wandered the universe, jumping through black holes and feeding on distant galaxies which no living being had ever seen, heard or smelled. She searched beyond the edge of the universe using her nose to guide her where light had yet to reveal what darkness concealed. But no matter where she ran or how loud she barked, the answers did not throw themselves across the stars for her to fetch.

At one particular moment in time, Laika's nose picked up on an ancient, earthly smell. Furiously, with both front paws, she dug away through black matter and the fabric of time itself, kicking back stars and planets, which then spun off and formed new galaxies themselves.

After much digging, and digging, and more digging, her tail wagged uncontrollably, and she let out a happy, long howl. Laika leaped out the other side of the hole, which then promptly closed, taking Saturn and Mars with it. She slunk down to planet Earth disguised as the stars and the black of night. Laika ran through dirty alleys and across fields of cool, green grass and into the dreams of slumbering humans.

Still, the answers did not come to questions she had long since forgotten.

After awhile, Laika lay down in the dark recesses of the earth amongst the bones of all past creatures. She was soon snoring away and kicking about in her sleep, which caused a minor earthquake in Los Angeles, California.

Sleep, glorious sleep had eluded Laika for almost sixty years, but tonight she would finally rest, but not before dreaming about her last day as an earthly dog, who was rocketed into space and left to die by her traitorous Russian comrades.

Late the next morning Laika awoke to a cloudy day, feeling quite rested. Her belly grumbled for vengeance and something to eat, and so she knew it was time to go. And while the sun was trying to break through the clouds, Laika leaped up, galaxies, stars and all, and gobbled the shiny, hot orb down in one bite! She felt a shiver on the outside, but inside her belly was warmed by the tasty morsel of energy and light.

Laika felt immensely satisfied. With tongue hanging out and a smile on her face, she stole away into the heavens, leaving a cold, dark Earth behind.

A silly story by Tracy Adams
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