When mom makes meat and pineapple stew
Don't mutter, "OMG Ewww!" 'cause
Daryl the dumpster monster is countin' on you.

He'll eat what you find hard to chew
So lie and state, "this tastes great!"
And before you can count to eight
Your gurgling, sick tummy will abate.

"Glurp! Glop! Glug! Don't stop!
Grin and keep stuffin' it in.

When you feel you're about to explode
Be polite and ask to use the commode.

Quickly! Before it's too late
Head outside, just past the gate.
Stop by the dumpster to see you know who.

Force a finger down your throat to spew
Regurgitate what you ate 'cause Daryl can't wait.

"Nom, nom, nom" spicy, chunky vomit stew.
It's partially digested and covered in acid
Smelly, disgusting and really quite rancid.

Little does poor mom know her yucky goo
Tastes best when it’s shooting out of you.

A silly poem by Tracy Adams
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