Spain by Train - 2015

Landscape images shot while riding the train from Barcelona to Seville. Travel time is less than six hours. The window (seen above) is found between train cars and is where I shot most of the Spain by Train images. This area between cars provided less interior reflections and I could easily move from one side of the train to the other without getting in the way of passengers. The downside was the very small shooting space above the "T" which was about 8" wide by 6" high. While the train jostled me about, I would look to my left for something to shoot. Most of the time I had only seconds to react as the train was moving at upwards of 185mph. I prefocused on an area and then panned the camera across the window while tracking the target and taking shots. The idea was to blur the area behind the target, while everything in front of the target would be naturally blurry from the speeding train.

Process recipe: create a natural looking image in Lightroom by keeping highlights and dark areas in check, export to Photoshop. Bump up tonal contrast with Color Efex Pro 4 set to a "fine" conrast type, and keeping the changes subtle. Selective sharpening with Unmask Sharp. Send to Silver Efex Pro 2 and make adjustments to all colors, contrast, highlights, midtones and shadows. Use no grain. Send to Nik Analog Efex Pro 2 and make changes through B&W Film Type, blur (on some images) and 13% dark lens vignette. Send to RadLab and use recipe settings: Grainstorm: strength 24%; Lights On: strength 0-35%; Oh, Snap!: strength 59% (varied), Snap 107% (varied), Saturation (doesn't matter). Send to Perfect Effects Suite 9 using Antique: brightness 0, haze 5, saturation -50, film grain amount 64, size 133; bleach bypass:amount 44; borders: white 60px.

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