Visit to Montana, October 25-28th, 2013

Peace & Love

Travis, Tiphani, Isaiah, Madison, Ethan and Danica

At Travis and Tiphani's home Isaiah, Madison, Ethan, Danica and myself played a fun game of Spiders and Zombies. The hungry spiders chased the humans around the house outside. Once caught, the spiders would sink their fangs in deep while simultaneously tickling their victims into a zombie state of delirium. Later that evening the grandkids and I gathered at the kitchen table to play with Halo toy characters and Legos. My character spoke in a funny voice and didn't play by the rules.

Ahlexxa, Aunalee and Arden

Out back of the Lofing home were thousands of fall leaves, a giant red rake and two kids who knew just what to do. After a big pile of leaves had been gathered, Arden jumped in, but not before starting his run at the opposite end of the backyard, way back behind the swimming pool. Lots of leaves were thrown. Both Arden and I stepped in dog doo-doo. Yuck! I tossed a swimming tube at Aunalee while she tried to catch it with her head. This game then turned into The Great Tube Race of October 2013 - similar to a gunny sack race. Aunalee was the winner of the first two runs, Arden won the third.

Other Photos from the Trip

Cattails, Cattle and Snow, Oh, My!

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