The Zombie Run

Posted 266 photos from The Zombie Run, held in Seattle in August of 2013. This well-organized and extremely bloody-fun event pitted human runners against hungry zombies who waited along the race course for the main course to come running by. Each human runner was equipped with three balloons. The goal was to survive to the finish line with at least one balloon intact. It was chaos as runners wildly dashed about to avoid slow-moving, hungry zombies who reached out to snatch the blood-red balloons away from frightened runners. Several runners stumbled, hitting the ground and drawing real blood, which sent the zombies into a frenzy and the runner to first-aid. Lots of creative costumes and staging areas along the way made this a joy to shoot. A lot of hard work and thought went into making this a one-of-a-kind event everyone can sink their teeth into. It was an impressive, fun event from beginning to each unlucky person’s end.

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